Offensive Acceptance

These days more and more women are becoming more confident and proud of their bodies but for some reason this offends people. The female body isnt something that should be shamed, censored or be labeled as offensive. Each of these women not only put their bodies on display for art but also let you know how they feel about body acceptance. 



“After 18 years of hating myself for my body, I looked at myself and actually wondered why? What was hating how I looked doing anything for me? What was it going to accomplish? Why was I constantly putting myself down for no good reason? It hasn’t done anything to me for me to be treating it as terribly as I had. Now that I’m 23, I can’t explain how amazing it is to feel so free after accepting myself for who I am and what my body is for what it is. Feeling so connected with myself is one of the best things I have done since I’m not plagued by any physical insecurities anymore. So I was excited to take part in this project. Looking at some of the pictures I’d taken, I was not disgusted or embarrassed at all. Its so delightful having people see me as I naturally am and not feel ashamed for it.”


I may have big areolas and a not so flat tummy but I have no problems showing my body off because I have nothing to be ashamed about. Only one breast type is shown love in society and it's not my breasts. I can't continue to condition my beauty standards to what society thinks is acceptable because fuck that. I am beautiful. Body acceptance is so hard for women because every little thing is always put under a microscope. Or certain things about women are glorified and you realize you don't have that so you still somehow don't fit in. But women are beautiful in general. We fucking give life. I was happy to do this project because I'm still learning to not hate my body or pick at my flaws and once I give myself the credit I deserve, I'll thrive and never look back.




"My body has been the biggest survivor. I used to mistreat it by not taking proper care of it, I realized soon that I was doing myself an injustice by not loving it, as I learned that no one else would if I didn't. Body acceptance goes beyond what meets the eye. It's not really about how the body looks more than what it does for you. Your body is incredibly able, and in order for it to do what it needs for you, it's important you take care of it, accept it, and love it. Always, all ways."

"Having a baby will do different things to different people. Almost a year later & I'm still stuck with this pregnancy pouch. At first I hated the stretch marks pregnancy left me with, but I've learned to appreciate them. Slowly but surely I am learning to love my post-pregnancy body, flaws and all because everyday I'm reminded that I have a beautiful child that loves me just the way I am so why shouldn't I?"