This project is all about women's sexuality. The acceptance of the sexual identity of women as a whole. I want to show that women aren't objects to use to satisfy a desire. They are sexual beings who have desires, lust, needs, and adventurous behavior. All the artwork represents the beauty of the women in sexual acts. The writing comes from women who were willing to give their personal views on sex on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.
(All work was submitted anonymously)



Sex can be about a lot of things: love, appetite, money, revenge, conception. Lately, for me, it’s been about power. It’s about the way my movements can turn an invited aggressor into something soft and vulnerable. When I tap into the power of my body, my stare, I can change the atmosphere around us and suddenly it’s him sinking into my body, nestling into the protection of my skin with every thrust and grunt. But when it’s me looking down on him, the power changes and I’m no longer a cushion for his hard edges. Every movement’s intention is to release fear and welcome worship. I am the goddess of his idolatry and his gaze feeds me. I am no longer timid, nervous, quiet, or docile; in that moment we gnash our hips and our teeth to bring closer and hold back an inevitable climax and even with closed eyes I feel his adoration on his fingertips and in his violent palms and I can hear the breaths that get caught in his throat while his hand catches mine. After the collapse comes the linger, and it’s in this lingering that I feel victorious. You are no longer angry, you are no longer keen, you are a puddle of man evaporating into the air in my room. I watch parts of you drift and what remains is a resuscitated man; hungry and radiant. I did that for you. 


An endless journey to find the person who is capable of stimulation of both pussy and mind. Who knew it would be so hard to find good dick and admiration? The person I've been nastiest with is the one I've despise the most. A perfectionist of sorts, good dick has always been hard to find.

"Finding myself" turned into endless dick appointments penciled in often erased over time. Casual sex fades to disinterest. Disinterest transitions to a new chase, the cycle continues. An endless cycle of desiring more - a "more" that seems intangible. What am I doing wrong? I'm beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and funny.Those qualities don't matter when you're a white woman with a fat ass.

"You'll be wifed up soon, I don't know why you're worried" they say, as they tell me they have a girl mid-stroke. "You're the perfect side chick, you're always busy and you wouldn't break up a happy home," what makes you believe that's what I aspire to? How did I even land myself in this situation and am comfortable with giving a man something his girl can't provide him? He admittance of fantasizing about my mouf and my pussy was a turnon until I remembered his heart was elsewhere.

Sex that involves connection is what I crave the most. A connection that encourages spontaneous sex in the bathroom, the dressing room, a hotel in Times Square. Sex that doesn't leave me wanting more because I was taken care of for once. Sex that is in the moment, nothing else is on our minds but the present. Sex that forces me to moan, scream, laugh and say the nastiest shit - all in one session. Love making that has no limits and is bursting with passion, aggression, desire and seduction. 

My vice. My stress reliever. What empowers me like none other. It's incredible how something you love so much can slowly turn into an act that you hate. What I need is not what I'm receiving. What I need is real and real seems so impossible in NYC at age 25.


Chained Sex.jpg


I learned from a very young age about my sexual power. I don’t mean the power it had over others. I mean with self; the power of loving your own body. Understanding it and how we can love and touch ourselves in order to reach a nirvana. Coming to this realization at such a young age allowed me to grow up with a healthy mindset about sex regardless of the many times people tried to rob me of it, through rape, exploitation, and shame.

In time I was able to overcome that pain. It didn’t come easy. I spent periods in my life getting lost, even addicted to engaging in pleasure less sex. Wanting to feel numb I drowned my emotions into alcohol, drugs, and bodies. I created a dark empty place for myself, a place I could use as an escape. I felt that was the only way to get my power back, to claim a place within myself I had true control over.

But all of these indulgences were in vain. Every time I escaped, I left a piece of myself behind. I was becoming an emotionless void. It stopped feeling good. I stopped feeling anything. Growing up and knowing that sex was full of potent glorious energy; that sex was supposed to feel good, I knew deep down this wasn’t what it was supposed to be. That part of me hidden by the dark space shouted out through that void screaming to be heard, “What the fuck are you doing?”


From there I eventually realized getting lost in other people sexually was not the answer and I needed to heal my womb. So I went on a period of celibacy, going back to the beginning of my love of sex – my love for myself. Falling in love with my body and remembering the beauty and powerful energy my yoni held was the key to begin that self-healing process.

Having a positive outlook on sexual energy led me to enter into the fetish community, a community that is all about trust and recognition. I found a space where people loved themselves and were honest with who they were.  Where you were able to express your deepest darkest desires without judgment. This allowed for true connection.

The fetish world was another step in my healing process. Through my involvement, I was able to be honest with myself again, able to discover what I enjoyed, how to please myself and not just my partner. Through this process I allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to see God again.


See, sex is a spiritual act. It is a sacred dance that aids in enlightenment. It is my favorite way to understand someone’s energy and soul. When you and your partner are in this intimate practice, you’re both at your most vulnerable. And if done right, all your chakras are opened and penetrated. An orgasm equates to blissful love energy. And pure love energy is God.


         I will always love my relationship with sex. I love how much I love sex. Why would I ever be ashamed of something that is beautiful, fun, and uplifting? However society doesn’t like to see women have this powerful uplifting view on their bodies. Society looks down upon the women who love and take ownership of the sexual power they possess. It’s controversial for a woman to showcase her truest essence.

When a woman detaches herself from a man’s idea of the sexual woman, and owns up to what she feels exemplifies her own pleasure, that is when the male ego breaks. She no longer becomes the object of pleasure; instead she becomes problematic and vulgar for having a point of view on her own sexuality.

That stance against women and the ownership of their sexual energy is a hindrance on the power that a woman can cultivate if she had the support of men. That feminine divine sexual energy that a woman possesses, in partnership with male energy, is the gateway to a portal of pure bliss energy, a gateway to enlightenment, a gateway to God. Once we are able to get past judgment and collectively have a healthy mind about sex, only then will Nirvana truly be achieved.