Her Lips Through His Eyes

It is very interesting to hear how a women feels about a past sexual experience with you. Even more interesting when you take those thoughts and create artwork from it.


Just A Feeling

My experience with jack was always amazing to say the least. He made me feel so amazing not only sexually but mentally. I've always been a shy girl but he was able to make me feel so comfortable. The eye contact that he would make with me during really put me on edge. It was great because I don't know if it was just because he's really aggressive during sex or he just wanted to watch my reaction during. Either way it was great. What I like the most would be his penis. So nice and smooth and pretty. Perfect size. If he were any bigger I would have been ruined for life. At the time it was different than my other experiences by a lot. The connection was just different. Not in like a romantic way just how we vibed. He just made me feel more desirable than others. He was rough which I loved and learned to love with him because no other guy had man handled me like that before. He helped me realize a part of myself that I didn't know existed. I had tried so many new things with him that opened up so many different experiences. I have already recommended him a couple of times actually.

The Deepest Touch

i always thought that “art of fingering” was rather elementary as a 24 year old. you know, the shit we did as kids exploring each others bodies. so when he spoke of it my initial thought was, “are we still in high school? i’m not 15 -- i just wanna fuck”. oh boy, little did i know. it started with him caressing my ass, turning me around and bending me over. most guys are rough, but not him he made me feel desirable and sexy. gold star jack gold star! so he’s basically finger fucking me from behind and its a tsunami all over his hand — mind fucking blown. i never thought id actually WANT someone to finger me, it made me curious to see what sex with him would be like. but alas thats where i’ll deduct points, we never actually got to have sex. his fingers are little magical gifts, artistic in many ways to say the least. id def. go back for more and absolutely would recommend women to experience *this form of his art



Floral Taste

I had the displeasure of sleeping with Jack back in 2014. It was hands down the WORST sexual experience I ever had. I had heard so many stories about how amazing he was so I was excited when I went over to his place. It was EXTREMELY awkward, there was absolutely zero chemistry. We ended up watching Psych and he drove me home and we didn't talk for a while. Fast forward to May of this year. We ran into each other at one of the Escape2NY shows. A few days later I had one of the hottest sex dreams about him (which is weird because of what happened between us the first time). I decided to give him another chance and hit him with the "hey stranger" text. Maybe it would work this time, who knows, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. When I tell you it was hands down the best decision of my life. How do I put this? Have you ever been so satisfied and filled with pleasure that you kind of get lost within yourself? That's what having sex with Jack is like. He has a way of making you completely comfortable with yourself which makes you very open to try new things. He introduced me to so much including bondage, whippings, using toys, even double penetration. Even though it was my first time trying these things, he made sure I was 1000% comfortable with what he was doing. His head game is phenomenal, some of the best head I've ever gotten and he wont stop until you're completely satisfied (and that says a lot because I HATE receiving head). He's well endowed and definitely knows how to use it. It's also one VERY attractive penis which makes sucking on it so much fun. Jack has this way of pushing you to new heights, having your body do things you didn't know was possible. Surprisingly can lift me with ease which makes being manhandled that much better. He's so rough but in the best way possible. It's so refreshing because you get these men who hold back because they're scared but not Jack. My favorite move is when he puts a pillow under my ass and rams into me as deep as he can get. It's so good that sometimes I can't take it (but mama didn't raise a quitter). For someone who never came until this year, he knows how to really get you there and it seems effortless. Would I fuck him again? Absolutely

Beautiful & Chaotic

I’ve had the pleasure of being with Jack two times. The first time, was my first time. I could not imagine experiencing sex for the first time with anyone else. It was the first time we actually met, but we had very long conversations previously so this intimate moment felt familiar and safe. Since the beginning he made sure I was comfortable with everything that was going on. He literally held my hand and guided me through all of it. All of those scary first time stories were pretty much shattered with him, the first time hurts? Jack made sure I was sufficiently wet before even trying anything further. Wet. Some people might think it’s childish, but…his hands.  We started by just lying on the couch together and kissing, as Jack slid his hand down to my lips. I could not control my body, he was making me squirm and I felt myself dripping. I really really wanted him. When the scary moment came where he put himself inside me, he looked into my eyes the whole time. Reading me. Making sure it was okay. Encouraging me even. It makes me giggle a little bit. Remembering him say “you’re doing great”.

This is where I dock one star.

He is, unfortunately for me, too long for me. I know you might think I’m crazy for deducting a star for that. But I wish he could just ram into me and fuck me so hard, but it hurts. Which makes me a little sad. The second time with him was in California, and all day just thinking about seeing him sent vibrations down to my clit.  I was so confident that he only hurt in NewYork because it was my first time, but this time again he was too long. Too long that I started bleeding. He’s a very mature gentleman though, and didn’t make it weird or gross that I was bleeding. Despite the tiny moments of pain, I wanted more of him. I love feeling his tongue circling my clit. I love looking up at his face, and hearing him say “Im gonna cum” as I feel his warm juices on my stomach. I wasn’t on birth control the times we did it. But I need him to cum inside me. Which is why I’m not giving up, I’m sure practice makes perfect, so I’m determined to take him, all of him again, until pain turns into pleasure.

The Aftermath.

Jack is more than just his dick, although his dick is beautiful. He is able to hold a conversation and talk about anything and everything after. Our bodies lying next to each other naked and words just rolling off our tongues comes naturally. You can tell him anything and ask him anything. Uncomfortable isn’t an emotion he exudes or is familiar with. For the future, I want to tie him down to the bed straps he has, blindfold him, and lick him all over. I’m still determined to give him the best head he’s ever had. That’s just the little competitiveness in me. Oh yeah, I was just caught up in the moment, that I didn’t get to ride him reverse cowgirl, but I’m sure with his length it would feel amazing. He definitely gets my recommendation, although don’t get too comfortable. He’s mine. (hehe jk, or am i?)