Illustrations by Jack Ghostel


Watercolor Paintings

Individual pieces painted by hand by Jack Ghostel. Materials and size varies. A Good spot to see the growth of artistic skills.

Muse Butt.jpg

Her Lips Through His Eyes

It is very interesting to hear how a women feels about a past sexual experience with you. Even more interesting when you take those thoughts and create artwork from it.



This project is all about women's sexuality. The acceptance of the sexual identity of women as a whole. I want to show that women aren't objects to use to satisfy a desire. They are sexual beings who have desires, lust, needs, and adventurous behavior. All the artwork represents the beauty of the women in sexual acts. The writing comes from women who were willing to give their personal views on sex on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.


Offensive Acceptance

These days more and more women are becoming more confident and proud of their bodies but for some reason this offends people. The female body isn’t something that should be shamed, censored or be labeled as offensive. Each of these women not only put their bodies on display for art but also let you know how they feel about body acceptance.


Offensive Acceptance II

Revisiting the movement of growing confidence within people, Offensive Acceptance takes another look into the vulnerability of people. Each piece is not only sharing the body but also the mindset that many can relate to, whether it is completely loving one’s self or still growing into that confidence. The body isn’t something to be ashamed of. We are all beautiful and this project is meant to show that beauty.

Digital Art

Coming Soon…